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Does your garden measure up to its full potential? The purpose of your garden is very personal: a place to unwind after a long week, a hobby, a hub for family and/or neighborhood fun, a place to entertain, a source for food.

Get the most out of your garden landscape:

  • Set up containers with your favorite herbs
  • Select trees, shrubs and perennials that produce a variation of color and texture through the year
  • Use a water feature or select plants that attract butterflies and birds
  • Climbers are by far the most useful plants in any garden taking up little space and delivering against a variety of purposes: privacy, accenting structural elements, draping walls, and disguising items. One of my favorites – clematis:
  • Propagate some of your favorite plants. Layering is a form of propagation which involves bending a low branch or shoot down into soil level, wounding the shoot and then covering this portion with soil to encourage the root. It can then be severed from its parent to produce a new plant.
  • Take inventory as you plan for next year
  • Research: every year new species of perennials are introduced as well as new products that will help you get the more from your backyard
  • Arrange for a seasonal touch-up from a local landscape contractor

If your garden isn’t measuring up, you may want to consult with a landscape contractor. Before you do, be sure to think about your goals and how you want your garden landscape to measure up.


Author: David Specic

Owner/operator of Great Ponds & Gardens providing a full range of garden landscape services combining beautiful design with meticulous execution and high quality construction practices. With over 18 years serving Oakville and Halton areas, GPG has transformed hundreds of yards into great gardens.

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