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Time to refresh your patio?

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In this patio refresh, several dwarf varieties provide color, texture and layers to the space surrounding a new water feature. Plantings from front to back: Golden Nugget Japanese Barberry – compact, slow growing border hedge that does well in sun; Shrub Rose; Dwarf Golden Threadleaf False Cypress; the Purpleleaf Sand Cherry (Standard) which has purple foliage all season and fragrant flowers in May; Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis “Gracillimus”); Pine Topiary; and Anthony Waters Spirea

Quick updates to your patio
The quickest way to update your patio is with accessories. Like your home, a new tablecloth, pillows and/or can brighten up your space quickly and cost effectively. Or just bring some of your inside comforts to the outdoors. If you’re up for something bigger, a landscape contractor can help you incorporate water and/or features, freshen up overgrown foliage, and much more.

Ideas to get the most out of patio entertaining


Author: David Specic

Owner/operator of Great Ponds & Gardens providing a full range of garden landscape services combining beautiful design with meticulous execution and high quality construction practices. With over 18 years serving Oakville and Halton areas, GPG has transformed hundreds of yards into great gardens.

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